Structuring & Organizing

SportsPress Pro introduces 5 taxonomies. Similar to post categories, taxonomies are used for grouping together and isolating various SportsPress data.

Summary of Taxonomies

A taxonomy is like a category. Each taxonomy is used in different areas of the plugin, enabling a complex data structure that gives you more control over what to display.

While each taxonomy has a name, these names are only a generic term that act as a suggestion as to what the taxonomy might be used for. You may find other uses for these taxonomies where the idea is similar. For example,  competitions are simply a group of teams and could also be used as counties, leagues, divisions, or team pools. Similarly, seasons are defined as a period of time, meaning that game days, weeks, or months, would also constitute as seasons.

  • Competitions – Groups of teams that compete against one another.
  • Seasons – Periods of time that competitions are divided into.
  • Venues – Locations where events take place.
  • Positions – Unique roles assigned to players and used within events.
  • Jobs – Unique roles assigned to staff.

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