Adding Positions & Jobs

Go to Players > Positions to define your first player position. Give the position a name and a slug, then click Add New to save it. You can also select a Parent position to create more specific positions as part of a larger, more general player position.

A position is defined as a unique role assigned to players within an event.

Add Staff Jobs

Before adding your staff members, go ahead and add all the job titles of your staff members. Adding jobs is very similar to adding player positions – enter the name, slug, and add new.

An important thing to note is that “Jobs” and “User Roles” are entirely different.

Jobs are used solely for the purpose of assigning staff members a job title. They cannot be used to restrict or give access to different areas of your website.

SportsPress User Roles are used to give your users access to specific areas of your website, while restricting them from others.

For example, if you want to create a user account for your coach, you’ll need to create a user account by going to Users > Add New and assign them a Role. Once you’ve assigned that user a role, they will be able to sign in to your website and can only view what has been authorized within the capacity of that role.

Once you’ve created users to give them access to login to your website, you can assign specific users to pages and posts which will grant them access to view/edit those pages.

To learn more user roles, visit User Role and Capabilities.

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