How to Create Event Calendars

Creating a New Calendar

Let’s create a new calendar by clicking the Add New button and name this calendar “Fixtures & Results”

We can scroll down to the details section where we can filter through our events to select only the events we want to display that meet the criteria.

Filtering and Sorting Events

Status - This is where we can select Scheduled (upcoming events) or Published events (past events), but for this calendar we’ll select All to display everything.

Date - is to filter through our events by date. We can select events that took place this week, today, or a date range for the events we’d like to display. Again let’s go ahead and select All to show everything.

Competition - Here we can select a competition to further narrow down our events.

Season - This is useful when we want to create a calendar from a particular season. For this calendar, I want to show every upcoming and past events, so let’s leave this as All.

Venue - We can choose a venue if we want to only display events that were played at a particular location.

Teams - if we want to create calendars for each of our teams, we can do that by selecting the team here. Again I want to show all the events played by all teams, so we’ll leave this as All.

We can choose to sort our events by ascending or descending order. Generally, ascending order works best for fixtures or upcoming events, and descending order is ideal for results or past events. 

For now I’ll keep it as the default, ascending order, which shows us the events in chronological order.

So i’ve kept everything as the default, which should show all of our events. Let’s Click Publish to see what we have here.

Viewing the Calendar

So now that we’ve published this calendar, we can see a list of the events that will be shown.

Right now, this calendar is displayed in a “Calendar” layout, but we also have the option to select List or Blocks layouts. 

Let’s go ahead and see what this “calendar” layout looks like by clicking “View Calendar”

Great, so this format will give our calendar a traditional calendar layout. 

We’ll notice that the days where we have an event are highlighted, and we can hover over the date to see the details which will show the teams that are playing and the time the event is taking place. We can also click on the date, where it will take us to that event page.

List Layout

Now let’s change the calendar layout to the “list” format, and click Update and View the calendar

So here we have the list format calendar, we have our different columns - Date, Event, Time/Result, Competition, and Season - these were all checked in the calendar page. We can choose which columns we want to display on our calendar by checking or unchecking these boxes. 

So let’s say we only want to show the title, time/results, and the article - we’ll keep these checked and uncheck everything else. Once we’ve make those changes, go ahead and update. 

Now the calendar looks much more simple.

If we want, we can change the way the title is displayed through the SportsPress Settings.

Blocks Layout

Next let’s see what the “Blocks” layout will look like. Select the “Blocks” format, click Update and View the Calendar.

In the blocks layout, our team logos will be displayed on either side with the Date and time/result in the middle. This is another common format that we see in professional sports websites. 

Using the iCal Feed

Another cool feature we have in our calendars section is the iCal Feed. 
This feature allows us easily share this calendar with teammates, organizers and friends. 

Click this blue icon next to iCal and it will launch in whatever program iCal is launching in, in this case it’s either going to be iCal for Mac or Google Calendar. We can also share this link by copying and pasting it into our website, sending it to friends and teammates, or simply selecting this link and importing it into our apple, outlook, or google calendar.

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