Registering Staff Members

Adding staff is very similar to adding players. Give your staff profile a name, job, nationality, current team, past teams, competitions, and seasons. You have the option of writing up a bio for them in the profile section and include a photo.

The demo data has already added one staff member for us, but unless your staff member’s name happens to be “Bobby Brown”, we’re going to want to change this. So let’s go ahead and change this staff member’s name to John Smith. 

We can assign him the job of “Coach” which we created by going to the Jobs section under Players & Staff. We can change the nationality, current team, past teams, and seasons; Very similar to what we saw when creating Players. We can also add a staff profile bio and a photo.

An important thing to note is this user section, which will give access to a particular user to edit this page. This user section is found in any of the posts types that we have in sports press. Currently we only have one user, so there’s only one user found in the drop down menu, but we can always create new users for our website by going to the User section. We’ll cover how to create users in another video so feel free to check that out after this video.

Let’s say that we want to give coach John Smith access to his own Staff Profile page. We can create him as a new users and then come back and edit this page where we will find him in this dropdown menu.

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