Registering Players

A player profile should be created for each player on your team. Players can be viewed individually or grouped into Player Lists. They can also be added to events to track player performance within a league or season. Read more about positions.

Register Players

Add your players name and write up a bio for them in the profile section (optional). In the details section, you can add their jersey number, nationality, their position, current team, past teams they’ve played for, leagues, and seasons.

The metric section contains the static variables provided in the SportsPress Settings > Player Metrics section. You can also go and change these.

To make your player profiles stand out, go ahead and add a profile photo for each player.

In the Columns section, select the player performance values and/or player statistics you would like to show in that player’s profile. These stats will probably vary depending on the sport/position they play. You can add/change these variables from SportsPress Settings > Configure tab.

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