Creating Tournament Brackets

Tournaments are used to schedule and display events in a play-off bracket (knockout cup) format.

Create a New Tournament

Create a new tournament by going to Events > Tournaments and click the  Add New button.

In the details section, you can select the competition and season that the tournament belongs to. This will also narrow down the teams to make them easier to find. Leave these fields blank if you would like to display all teams in the dropdowns.

You can also define the number of rounds that the tournament has.

Once you’ve given the tournament a title and selected your details, click  Publish to save it.

Each round can be given a custom name by entering it into the fields at the top of each column. For example, a tournament with 3 rounds might have the labels “Quarter-finals”, “Semi-finals”, and “Final”.

You’ll be able to choose 2 teams per event, above and below the event details. By selecting only the teams, these teams will be displayed in the bracket. If you have selected a date, an event will automatically be created. Time is optional and will default to midnight (0:00). Once results have been entered, the winner is determined and will proceed to the next level.

The winner is selected based on the settings under SportsPress > Configure. The topmost Event Outcome should be given to the winning team (usually, “Win”). However, if you’ve added your own outcomes, you may need to edit them and change the “Order” attribute to bring them lower in the list. A number greater than 10 will push it below the default “Win” position.

At the end of the tournament, a winner can be selected from the Details section and will appear at the top of the bracket with their team logo.

Tournaments are available in SportsPress Pro.

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