The following fields are available when adding or editing staff.

Standard Fields

NameEnter the name of the staff.
PermalinkA direct link to the staff, automatically generated based on the name.
EditorA visual or text editor which will be used as the staff profile. All standard WordPress editor features can be used in this section, including shortcodes and formatting options.
ExcerptAn optional hand-crafted summary of the staff that is displayed directly above the staff profile.
UserSelect a user to give them full access to edit this staff.
PhotoSet a logo image to be used where staff photos are displayed.


OrderChange this number to adjust default staff order (ascending).


UsernameEnter a Twitter username to display tweets from that account.


StaffCopy and paste this shortcode into any post, page, or text widget to display the staff member.


JobEnter the staff member’s job, which will be displayed before their name and in directories.
NationalitySelect one or more nationalities for the staff member.
Current TeamsSelect one or more teams that the staff member belongs to.
Past TeamsSelect one or more teams that the staff member has belonged to in the past.
CompetitionsSelect one or more competitions that the staff member belongs to.
SeasonsSelect one or more seasons that the staff member belongs to.

Contact Info

PhoneEnter a phone number, which can be used for phone calls if linking is enabled.
EmailEnter an email address, which can be linked to open in a visitor’s preferred email client if linking is enabled.

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