League Tables

The following fields are available when adding or editing league tables.

Standard Fields

Title Enter the title of the league table.
Permalink A direct link to the table, automatically generated based on the title.
Editor A visual or text editor for adding content above the table. All standard WordPress editor features can be used in this section, including shortcodes and formatting options.
User Select a user to give them full access to edit this league table.
Featured Image Set a featured image to be displayed on the league table page.

League Table

Values Use this table to view automatically calculated values. Click a cell to override by entering a new value.
Adjustments Use this table to enter adjustments to the automatic values. Positive and negative values can be entered for the adjustment.
Columns A column is added for each configured table column. Use the checkboxes to show or hide certain columns.
Highlight Use the radio buttons next to the team names to select a team to highlight in the table. Click the button twice to remove the highlighting.
Teams Each team is displayed on its own row with fields to enter values. Click the pencil icon to edit the team’s display name.


Order Change this number to adjust default league table order (ascending).


League Table Copy and paste this shortcode into any post, page, or text widget to display the league table.


Heading Enter a heading to display at the top of the league table.
Competition Select one or more competitions to get teams from.
Season Select one or more seasons to get teams from.
Teams Select whether teams are chosen manually or automatically by competition and season.

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