Scheduling Events

Events are for your matches, friendly games, practices, etc. Upcoming events, also known as fixtures, will display the date, time, and venue. Your published events, also known as results, will display the overall team and player performance.

Schedule an Upcoming Event

Scheduling your events is fairly straight forward. Follow these steps to create a new event:

  1. From the Event section set a Date and Time.
  2. Choose whether the event should be in Competitive or Friendly format. By selecting Competitive, your event will be counted toward your league tables. Friendly events will not.
  3. The details section will ask you to select a Competition, Season, and Venue for your event.
  4. From the Teams section, select the teams that will be playing. If you have added the players and staff for a team, they should automatically show up in this area.
  5. Publish the event. You’ll notice that the title of the event will be automatically generated based on the teams that are playing.

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