The following fields are available when adding or editing tournaments.

Standard Fields

TitleEnter the title of the tournament.
PermalinkA direct link to the tournament, automatically generated based on the title.
EditorA visual or text editor for adding content above the tournament. All standard WordPress editor features can be used in this section, including shortcodes and formatting options.
UserSelect a user to give them full access to edit this tournament.
Featured ImageSet a featured image to be displayed on the tournament page.


RoundsEnter custom round names, or leave empty for default.
TeamsSelect up to 2 teams per event. If unselected, the cell will appear blank.
DateSet the date of each event.
TimeEnter the time in 24-hour format.
ResultsEnter the primary results. When no results are available, the time will be displayed instead.
Edit EventClick the pencil icon to edit the event directly.
Hide EventClick the eye icon to hide the event from the bracket.


BracketCopy and paste this shortcode into any post, page, or text widget to display the tournament bracket.
WinnerCopy and paste this shortcode into any post, page, or text widget to display the tournament winner.


DefaultA linear bracket layout with the first and last rounds on opposite ends.
CenterA centered bracket layout with the last round in the middle.


CompetitionSelect one or more competitions that this tournament belongs to.
SeasonSelect one or more seasons that this tournament belongs to.
RoundsSet the number of rounds, up to 6. The maximum number of teams doubles with the addition of each round.
WinnerSelect a winner to display above the bracket on the tournament page.

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