Permalink Settings

Adjust the URLs of pages on your site using these settings.

Common Settings

Plain The default setting that appends a URL parameter to get the page ID. This option should not be used, as it prevents scheduled events from being displayed.
Day and name The year, month, date, and slug separated by slashes. This is ideal for sites that have both blog articles and static pages.
Month and name Similar to “Day and name” but without the date. Also a good option.
Numeric A simple structure that uses page ID within a formatted permalink. May have some disadvantages for SEO due to of its nondescript nature.
Post name A good alternative to “Day and name” or “Month and name” for sites that only have static pages, and don’t need blog articles.
Custom Structure Enter a custom structure here, which can be a combination of the other options. Refer to for accepted tags.


Post type Default slug
Events event
Venues venue
Calendars calendar
Teams team
Competitions league
Seasons season
League Tables table
Players player
Positions position
Player Lists list
Staff staff
Staff Directories directory
Tournaments tournament

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