System Status

Use this page for debugging and troubleshooting.


Home URL The URL where visitors can access to visit your site.
Site URL The directory where core WordPress files are located.
SP Version SportsPress version number
WP Version WordPress version number
WP Multisite Enabled Is a WordPress Multisite network installed?
Web Server Info Name of the web server software.
PHP Version PHP version number.
WP Memory Limit WordPress memory limit (MB).
WP Debug Mode Is debug mode enabled?
WP Language WordPress language setting.
WP Max Upload Size WordPress maximum upload file size (MB).
PHP Post Max Size PHP maximum post size (MB).
PHP Time Limit PHP time limit (seconds).
PHP Max Input Vars PHP maximum input variable string size (characters).
SUHOSIN Installed Is SUHOSIN installed?
Default Timezone The default WordPress timezone.
fsockopen/cURL Indicates whether fsockopen and cURL are enabled on the server.
SOAP Client Indicated whether SOAP Client class is enabled on the server.


Installed Plugins A list of installed plugins.

SP Configuration

Sport The sport preset selected in SportsPress.
Event Outcomes A list of event outcomes (variable) [order]
Event Results A list of event results (variable) [order]
Player Performance A list of player performance (variable) [order]
Table Columns A list of league table columns (equation) [order]
Player Metrics A list of player metrics (variable) [order]
Player Statistics A list of player statistics (equation) [order]

SP Taxonomies

Competitions A list of competitions (slug)
Seasons A list of seasons (slug)
Venues A list of venues (slug)
Positions A list of positions (slug)

SP Post Types

Events Number of events grouped by post status.
Calendars Number of calendars grouped by post status.
Teams Number of teams grouped by post status.
League Tables Number of league tables grouped by post status.
Players Number of players grouped by post status.
Player Lists Number of player lists grouped by post status.
Staff Number of staff grouped by post status.
Sponsors Number of sponsors grouped by post status.
Directories Number of staff directories grouped by post status.
Tournaments Number of tournaments grouped by post status.


Theme Name Name of the active theme.
Theme Version Active theme version number.
Author URL Author URL of the active theme.


Template Overrides A list of SportsPress templates that are overridden by theme files.

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