League Menu Settings

Use the options on this page to make changes to the look and feel of the league menu.

League Menu Options

Title Add a custom title to display in the league menu.
Select Image Upload or choose an image from your media library to display in place of the custom league menu title.
Teams Select teams to display in the league menu.
Sort by Choose how to sort teams in the league menu. “Menu Order” sorts by the “Order” in the “Attributes” section when editing a team. “Name” sorts teams alphabetically by name. “Random” will randomize the order on each visit.
Sort Order Choose whether to sort teams in ascending or descending order.
Width Set a maximum inner width for the league menu. The width will adjust automatically on smaller devices.
Teams Set a maximum width and maximum height for team logos in the league menu.
Text Color Set the text color for the league menu title.
Background Color Set the background color for the league menu.
Align Choose how to align elements in the league menu.

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