SportsPress Pro includes a number of modules that add features to the plugin and can be activated as needed. Be sure to save changes 

Event Modules

Calendars Organize and publish calendars using different layouts.
Scoreboard Display multiple event results in a horizontal scoreboard.
Match Stats Display head-to-head team comparison charts in events.
Tournaments Schedule tournaments and create interactive playoff brackets.

Team Modules

League Tables Create automated league tables to keep track of team standings.
League Menu Add a global navigation bar to display logos that link to each team.
Team Colors Create a custom color palette for each team.
Team Access Limit user access to data that is related to their team.

Player & Staff Modules

Player Lists Create team rosters, player galleries, and ranking charts.
Directories Organize and display staff in list and gallery layouts.

Dashboard Modules

Tutorials Display a dashboard page with SportsPress video tutorials.
Branding Instantly rebrand the dashboard with your own logo and colors.
Duplicator Clone anything with just one click. Great for creating multiple events.

Other Modules

Twitter Add a Twitter feed to team, player, and staff pages.
Sponsors Attract sponsors by offering them advertising space on your website.

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