SportsPress 2.0 adds endpoints to the WP REST API, opening up new ways to control your site's data.

First, you'll need to install the  WP REST API plugin (version 2) on your WordPress site to enable the basic functionality. With the plugin installed, you'll instantly have access to retrieve your data (the GET request).

Creating new data, and updating and deleting existing data requires a bit more configuration. You'll need to authenticate all requests going through the API, and the options vary depending on the location of your app. See the  WP REST API v2 Authentication guide for more details on how to do this.

Once you're familiar with the REST API, check out these resources for more information about each SportsPress REST API endpoint:

  • Events/wp-json/sportspress/v2/events
  • Teams — /wp-json/sportspress/v2/teams
  • Players — /wp-json/sportspress/v2/players
  • Staff — /wp-json/sportspress/v2/staff
  • Calendars — /wp-json/sportspress/v2/calendars
  • League Tables — /wp-json/sportspress/v2/tables
  • Player Lists — /wp-json/sportspress/v2/lists

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