How to Add New Details to Player Profiles in SportsPress

The Player Details Box

If we look at one of our player profiles, we'll see a details box next to our player photo (if we've added one). In this box are some details about that player.

In this example, we see Nationality, Position, Height, Weight, Current Team, and Past Teams. Height and Weight are considered Metrics, which have been added automatically with the demo content.

Identifying Metrics

Let's edit the player and scroll down to the Metrics section. We'll see the Height and Weight with values that we've entered. We want to add a new field here.

We'll go into SportsPress > Configure and scroll down to the Player Metrics section. We'll see that Height and Weight have been added here.

Adding a New Metric

Let's click Add New and add a title, for example "Graduated" for the year that the player graduated school. Click Publish and go back to edit the player.

We'll see the new metric, where we can add some new text. Let's click Publish and view the player.

Changing the Order

Now we can see that "Graduated" has been added, but it's displayed above Height and Weight. Let's say we want to display it below Weight instead.

To change the order, we'll go back into SportsPress > Configure from the dashboard. If we click Edit next to the Height metric, we'll see that the Order is 50. For the Weight metric, it is set to 70.

The reason that our new metric is being displayed above the other two is because the Order defaults to 0. We'll need to add a number that is greater than the others, so we'll insert the number 90.

If we edit the player now, we'll see that Graduated is now the last metric, and it is also showing in that order on the frontend.

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