How to Use Shortcodes in SportsPress

Adding Shortcodes to a Page

Shortcodes can be inserted into any post, page, or text widget. For this example, we want to create a team page using a league table and a player gallery.

Using the Basic Shortcode

From the dashboard, let's look at one of our league tables. We'll see a Shortcode section. Let's copy this shortcode into the clipboard and create a new page.

We'll call this page First Team and paste the shortcode into the content area, then click Publish. If we view this page, we'll see that the shortcode has outputted a league table into the page content.

Let's go back and edit the page. I'll show you another way to insert shortcodes.

Using the Visual Editor Menu

When in Visual mode, we'll see SportsPress Shortcodes "S" icon. Clicking this icon will reveal a menu that allows us to select and insert shortcodes directly.

Let's select Player Gallery, select a player list and relevant options, then click Insert Shorcode. If we click Update and view the page, we'll now see that the player gallery and league table are displayed on the same page.

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