How to Change the Layout of Event Calendars in SportsPress

Layout Options

SportsPress comes with a few different ways to display event calendars.

Let's go into our WordPress dashboard and edit a calendar, then scroll down to the Layout section, where we'll see our options. It looks like the Calendar layout is selected. We'll scroll back to the top and click View Calendar.

Calendar Layout

This layout is similar to the posts calendar that ships with WordPress, with the current date highlighted and links to navigate to different months at the bottom.

List Layout

Let's edit the calendar and change the layout to List. We'll see new checkboxes appear above each column of the Events section. We can click the checkboxes to toggle the visibility of each column. We'll leave it as is, click Update, then view the calendar.

We can see a different layout now, with columns for date, teams, time/results, and a link to view the article.

Blocks Layout

We'll go back and edit the calendar, then scroll down and change the layout to Blocks. Let's click Update and view the calendar again.

Now we can see the third layout type with full rows that display the date, time/results, and the title with a link to view the event. If we've added logos to the teams, we'll see these on either side of each row.

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