Explaining User Roles & Capabilities

SportsPress User Roles

SportsPress registers 5 different user roles with varying levels of access to the WordPress dashboard. I'm going to talk about these roles and each of their capabilities.


Logged in as an admin user, I've created an account for myself with the Player role. I'll go ahead and switch windows, then log into my own account.

I'll see links in the sidebar which give me access to view Events, Teams, and Players. If I try to add one of these post types, I'll see a button labeled Submit for Review where we would normally find the Publish button. This means that I can submit a player, team, or event for review, and the admin user will be notified to approve or decline my submission.


Let's switch back to the admin user and change my role to Staff. If we switch back to my account and refresh, we'll see a new menu link for Staff. We can't actually publish a new staff member, but we can submit one for review much like a player can submit a new player.

Event Manager

We'll switch back and change my role to Event Manager. The event manage is given full access to events, so I can now publish new events and edit published events. My access to Teams, Players, and Staff is the same as the Staff role so I can only submit new ones for review.

Team Manager

If we switch back to the admin user and change my role to Team Manager, we'll see a new submenu link under Players labeled Player Lists. The Team Manager role is able to create and edit Events, Players, Player Lists, and Staff. So if we click Add New under Player, we'll see a Publish button.

A Team Manager can't create a new Team, but can submit a new one for review.

League Manager

Let's back to the admin user and change my role to League Manager, which is the highest level role added by SportsPress. We'll switch back to my account and refresh.

Now we'll see a lot more links, similar to the admin role. We also have full access to every post type registered by SportsPress.

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