A Tour of the Overview Page

The Overview Page

Let's go into our WordPress dashboard and hover over SportsPress, then click Overview. This takes us to a visual site map with all of our SportsPress data.

We'll see top-level buttons for each of our taxonomies, with registered terms below them. The taxonomies included in SportsPress are: Competitions, Seasons, Venues, and Positions.

Filtering by Taxonomy

With the sample data installed, we should see the terms Primary League and Secondary League under the Competitions taxonomy. We can click the taxonomy (Competitions) to go deeper into the site map.

Now we'll see all of the post types associated with the selected taxonomy. The list icon next to the button label tells us that clicking the button will take us to a page where we can see a list of posts in that post type, filtered by the term it's under. For example, clicking on Events will show us all events filtered by competition.

The Add New button can be clicked to add a new term to that taxonomy. This will, for example, add a new competition.

Filtering by Post Type

In the top corner of the main overview page we'll see buttons for each post type. By clicking one of these buttons, we're taken to a different site map that contains branches for our secondary post types and taxonomies related to the post type. 

For example, Calendars is a secondary post type of Events, so a Calendars branch will be displayed on the Events screen. Clicking Calendars will show us a list of all calendars.

Editing and Adding Posts

Below the Calendars button we'll see a button for each calendar. These buttons will be labeled with a pencil icon, telling us that the post can be edited directly by clicking the button.

At the top of the post type branch we should see a button to add a new post, and another button to view all posts. This is also filtered by the post type that we're looking at, so on the Events branch these buttons will take us to add a new event and view all events.

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