How to Make Adjustments to League Tables

Manually Changing a Value

If we have a league table that uses automatic values (the values are greyed out and pulled into the league table automatically) and want to make an adjustment to one of the values, we could just type the new number in.

The problem is that this would override any automatic values that come in, essentially making this a static value.

The Adjustments Table

At the top of the League Table section, there are a couple of links: Values and Adjustments. If we click Adjustments, we'll see a table that is pretty much identical to the original Values table, but everything is filled in with a "0" placeholder.

We can add any number to these fields, which will affect the original table by adding that number to the corresponding value. In one of the fields, let's type in "1". This increments the value of that field.

This also works for negative values, so we can type in "-1" to take a point away. If we switch back to the Values table, we'll see that the adjustment has been applied to the automatic greyed-out number.

If we click update and view the league table, we'll also see that the adjustment is reflect on the frontend.

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