How to Highlight a Team in League Tables

League Table Highlighting

A team can be highlighted in a league table. This is typically done on a club website to quickly show where the home team is in the standings.

If we view the league table that was created during installation, we'll see that one of the teams is already highlighted with bold text and a lighter background. For league tables created manually, teams would not be highlighted yet.

Highlighting Our Own Team

To highlight a different team, we'll edit this league table. We should see circles (radio inputs) next to each of the team names. We want to click the circle next to the team name that we want to highlight.

After making a selection, we'll click Update. Viewing the league table, we can see that the newly selected team is now highlighted.

To Remove Team Highlighting

If we don't want to highlight any of the teams, we can edit the league table and click the circle twice to deselect it. We can Update and view the league table, and will see that none of the teams are highlighted. This is typically used on league websites where neutral styling is preferred.

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