How to Hide Box Score Columns

The Box Score Section

Looking at one of our events, if we scroll down we can see a list of players from each team and columns for their performance. With the soccer preset, the columns would be Goals, Assists, Yellow Cards, and Red Cards.

Let's say we don't want to show the Assists column in the table, but we still want to keep track of the values to display them on player profiles or use them in calculations.

Changing the Box Score Column Setting

We'll go back into the dashboard to SportsPress Settings. Then, click on the Events tab.

By scrolling down to the Box Score section, we'll see a Columns setting. If this is set to Auto, we'll want to change it to Manual, then save changes.

Now let's go back into our event and we'll see checkboxes next to the column names in the Box Score. We're going to check all of them except for the one we don't want to show, in this case Assists. Click Update.

If we look at the event now, we'll see that Goals, Yellow Cards, and Red Cards are shown but the Assists column is now hidden.

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