How to Configure Automatic Event Outcomes

Adding Event Results

Let's go and edit one of our events.

So let's say the Bluebirds scored 3 goals, and the Eagles scored none. We'll league the outcomes blank so that they are greyed out and displayed as (Auto).

When we update, the outcomes are still blank. This means that we haven't set up automatic outcomes yet.

Configuring Automatic Outcomes

Let's go into SportsPress > Configure. We'll see that there are dashes under the Condition column because we haven't set them up yet. So let's edit the Win outcome.

Win means "Most Goals" so we'll select that under "Condition". Click Update, and configure the other outcomes as well.

Draw would be "Equal Goals" and Loss should be "Least Goals".

Now we can go back to our event and click Update. Now the outcomes are selected automatically, so that the Bluebirds won and the Eagles lost.

This setting will apply to all other events in the future, so we can leave the outcomes blank now and SportsPress will fill them in for us.

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