Staff Gallery Shortcode

Display a gallery of staff members. The directory's post ID is required unless you're in The Loop.

[staff_gallery id="99"]

By default, all staff from the directory will be included. Change the  number parameter to choose the number of staff to show. A value of -1 will show all.

The   columns parameter defines the number of thumbnails to show per row. Defaults to 3, just like image galleries.

You can change the HTML tags used in the gallery output by setting  itemtagicontag, and captiontag. These parameters default to dldt, and dd, respectively.

Similar to the Player Gallery shortcode, Staff Galleries have a  size parameter which can be used to display thumbnails in a different size. By default, the standard WordPress thumbnail size will apply, and can be changed to any size — even custom ones added by themes or plugins.

Setting   link_posts to 1 links staff thumbnails to their pages.

If you would like to show a link to view all staff below your staff gallery, set   show_all_staff_link to 1.


	'id' => '',
	'number' => '-1',
	'columns' => '3',
	'itemtag' => 'dl',
	'icontag' => 'dt',
	'captiontag' => 'dd',
	'size' => 'thumbnail',
	'link_posts' => '1',
	'show_all_staff_link' => '0'

Example usage:

[staff_gallery id="99" number="15" columns="5" size="sportspress-fit-icon" show_all_staff_link="1"]

The Staff Gallery shortcode is only available to Club, League, or AgencyLicense holders.

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