League Table Shortcode

Display team standings in a league table. The league table's post ID is required unless you're in The Loop.

[league_table id="99"]

By default, all teams from the league table will be included. Change the   number parameter to choose the number of teams to show. A value of -1 will show all.

You can include comma-separated column slugs to choose which columns to display, useful for creating shorthand tables.

Team logos can be displayed by setting   show_team_logo to 1. Setting link_posts to 1 links team names to their pages.

The   sortableresponsive, and paginated arguments apply those scripts to the table. Change the rows value to set the number of rows to display when responsive mode is on.

If you would like to show a link to view all teams below your table, set  show_full_table_link to 1.


	'id' => '',
	'number' => '-1',
	'columns' => '',
	'show_team_logo' => '1',
	'link_posts' => '0',
	'sortable' => '1',
	'responsive' => '1',
	'paginated' => '1',
	'rows' => '10',
	'show_full_table_link' => '0'

Example usage:

[league_table id="99" number="5" columns="w,d,l,pts" show_team_logo="0" link_posts="1" paginated="0" show_full_table_link="1"]

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