Event Calendar Shortcode

Shows events as a calendar. In its simplest form, parameters are not required.

Example usage:


Optionally, include the post ID of a calendar to display events only from that calendar.

The status can be set to   defaultpublished, or future. Defaults to the calendar setting.

Define how to display days of the week using the   initial argument. When set to 1, days of the week will be displayed in shorthand (M, T, W, etc) and 0 will show the full names (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc).

The HTML tag used for the name of the month can be changed via  caption_tag.

If you would like to show a link to view all events below your calendar, set   show_all_events_link to 1.


	'id' => '',
	'status' => 'default',
	'initial' => true,
	'caption_tag' => 'h4',
	'show_all_events_link' => false

Example usage:

[event_calendar id="99" status="future" initial="0" caption_tag="h3" show_all_events_link="1"]

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